Call me what u want, but the Juno soundtrack just found its way to my ipod and its about to get heavy rotation-- While on the road with Slim from a show in San Antonio 2 weeks ago, we stopped at Mickey D's for a bite 2 eat and I slid by Red Box for a dvd--- Came across Juno and grabbed it (heard it was funny). Got back into the Boss Hogg Goodtimes Van (no 4real) and conned Slim into watching it. The movie's slow start made the object of clowning at first, but when the first song dropped and the captions wouldn't/couldn't come off it was a wrap! Gangsta-azz rap niggaz were singing word for word!!! Classic shit-- Classic movie-- WIZARD!

Then a few days later to top that off a certain someone found out how much I loved the movie and gave me their bootleg copy-- WIZARD---
3:19 AM


  1. yessir... thats my ringtone for my main.. lol

    JUNO is the ish... I can send u the ringtone if u want..

    CHECK out my blog bro!